The 3 Es of Effective Board Leadership


Talent Equity Institute is an internal research institute of Ward Howell. The Institute was founded in 2009. The main task of the institute is the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, tools and conceptual models in the field of managerial talent and leadership.

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The General Line

Russian companies haven’t yet learned how to develop leaders, select effective CEOs and create the conditions necessary for their ...

Interview with Stephane Frappat, CEO of Sodruzhestvo Group

Stephane Frappat, head of Sodruzhestvo from 2008-2015, openly talks about the specificities of working as the CEO of a private Rus...

Aeroflot Turnaround

Under Vitaly Saveliev's leadership Aeroflot managed the impossible, becoming the leader of the European market in service and ...

Effective CEO in the Russian Context

The team of Talent Equity Institute compares common ideas about what makes CEO successful with the results of the study of Ward Ho...

CEO Succession 2014

In September 2014, the Talent Equity Institute published research about CEO succession from 2003 to 2013 in 160 leading Russian ...

Sustainable Leadership

Ella Sytnik considers CEO succession and development systems in organizations to be a necessary condition for sustainable leadersh...

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