The 3 Es of Effective Board Leadership


Talent Equity Institute is an internal research institute of Ward Howell. The Institute was founded in 2009 and is now headed by Ward Howell Senior Partner, INSEAD Professor Shekshnia Stanislav. The main task of the institute is the creation and dissemination of new knowledge, tools and conceptual models in the field of managerial talent and leadership.

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The Future Path of Executive Search

The Executive Search business, which has remained unchanged for the past 70 years, will never be the same. Ward Howell Partner Bor...

"The Current Tension Level Is Very Similar to That of 1998" — Sergey Vorobiev, President of Ward Howell

The difference, according to Sergey Vorobiev, founder of the consulting company Ward Howell, is that predicting what the future ...

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