Team and Strategy Sessions

Ward Howell's short-term team and strategy sessions are focused on solving specific business problems by changing the way managers think and interact.

What our clients seek to achieve:

  • to increase the competitiveness of their company;
  • to form a common vision and strategy;
  • to increase the level of trust and playfulness within the team;
  • to improve interaction and coordination both internally and cross-functionally;
  • to develop formats and rules for interaction;
  • to discuss and resolve conflict issues;
  • to teach management new knowledge and skills;
  • to develop the leadership competencies required in turbulent and uncertain environments.

The formats and tools we use as a part of a team session are customizable and defined by the client’s objectives, business context and management audience. For each project, we perform a mandatory pre-diagnosis of the team, and provide post-session support.

Format examples (both offline and online)

  • Facilitated discussions;
  • Analysis of a client's internal business cases and cases from the world's leading business schools;
  • Presentations by invited experts and business practitioners;
  • Discussion of analytical materials on relevant issues;
  • Individual and group coaching sessions according to the INSEAD Business School methodology;
  • Behavioral team coaching using the Marshall Goldsmith method;
  • Skills-building sessions, business games and simulations.

Project results

At an individual level – leader’s development:

  • Formation of common modern ideas about leadership;
  • Acquisition of leadership skills and competences to solve ambitious tasks.

At a team level – team development:

  • Synchronization of team goals and working methods;
  • Improvement of efficiency and quality of team interactions;
  • Reduction in tensions and resolution of possible conflict situations.

At an organizational level – transformation of the leadership environment and corporate culture:

  • Creation of a platform for discussing strategic initiatives;
  • Synchronization of the vision of key company managers;
  • Formation of a culture of cooperation and continuous development.

Ward Howell expertise

  • For the past 14 years, we have conducted team and strategic sessions, complex development programs, and training seminars for major private and public companies in Russia. Most of them are our regular clients.
  • Our consultants are certified coaches and have extensive experience working with top managers, Board members, and business owners.
  • Our own leadership research and joint global projects with INSEAD Business School allow us to keep abreast of the modern approaches to business management and best leadership practices.
  • Our daily contact with clients and partners from all major industries of Russian business gives us a deep understanding of the context and specifics of a particular business, allows us to share the best practices, and enables us to identify new opportunities for a client’s growth and development.
  • We focus on ensuring that all our projects create long-term and sustainable results for our clients.

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