Top Management Development Programs

A manager’s full potential is only revealed in a productive business environment and through constant self-improvement. Helping create conditions under which talent can be revealed and providing opportunity for personal growth are among Ward Howell’s key focus areas. Our leadership development services include:

Executive Assessment

When an organization is transforming, it’s often necessary to evaluate its leadership capital. This evaluation is also an integral part of comprehensive talent development programs. We assess leadership potential of both managerial teams and individual executives. Our assessments help formulate an objective understanding of a leader’s capabilities, leadership style, and level of development in specific leadership skills and competencies. Our evaluations include a detailed report and concrete recommendations.

Top Management Development Programs

Top management teams must constantly adapt to new external challenges and changes within an organization. Comprehensive top management development programs, which include team assessments, group and individual coaching, and development sessions help our clients increase the quality of communication between executives and increase the skills of each team member to respond to new and/or more complicated tasks.

Succession Planning Programs

Succession planning and management is a complex process that requires a company’s key people to invest serious time and attention. At the same time, this process is hardly insignificant for a company oriented toward long-term development and institutional success. Managing succession on all levels implies identifying and developing leadership, focusing on the future and effectively tackling the challenges of today. We help our clients introduce comprehensive programs that identify and develop employees with high potential at all levels of the organization, including creating effective channels of communication and a productive work environment. We help our clients implement strategic workforce planning processes, including mentoring successors for key roles.

Strategy Sessions

Effective tactical and strategic decision-making by a company’s management is crucial to increasing a business’s productivity; however, it is impossible to do so when a leadership team lacks cooperation and a common goal. We develop and facilitate strategy sessions for our clients, which allow participants to establish a common understanding of challenges, to distribute responsibilities and to negotiate a plan of action.


Coaching is an individual development tool that has been long used by business leaders who want to improve their business competencies for their current job or for new challenges. Highly personalized, one-on-one work with an experienced and fully committed coach produces tangible and measurable results, such as improved performance, the development of new skills and competencies, and a higher level of job satisfaction.

Executive Workshops

In today’s rapidly-changing world, it is difficult to imagine a leader who has an answer for every question. A lack of time dictates the need for more compact and efficient methods of attaining necessary knowledge and advice. We developed a new format for key executives to attain knowledge: we hold workshops on themes directly related to the work of executives, such as “How to accurately evaluate and hire managers” or “How to make strategic financial decisions.”