Organizational Development

Our understanding of organizational development is changes in people, processes, and systems that support organizational growth. Our organizational development services include the following:

Diagnostics and transformation of human capital management systems

An effective system of human capital management is key to the sustainable growth of a company. We analyze HR systems and processes, identify and help eliminate bottlenecks, and work with our clients to fill in areas that are lacking. In doing so, we evaluate and optimize both the individual elements of HR systems and the systems as a whole.

Diagnostics and transformation of corporate culture, values, and employer brand

Corporate culture is the foundation that preserves the integrity of an organization during times of change and ensures continuity of a business’s key competencies and traditions. A strong culture keeps people engaged, establishes loyalty, and increases productivity. We help our clients discern between productive and unproductive elements of their corporate culture and employer brand, within the context of the company’s strategy. We develop entire models and transformation plans for corporate culture and employer brand, as well as help manage change within the organization.

Audit and redesign of compensation and KPI systems

Even the most well-developed management system needs periodic revision. The market matures, objectives get updated, employees’ levels of responsibility change, and the level of competition for talent evolves. We evaluate the effectiveness of performance management systems, taking into account the best practices, develop a target process – either a comprehensive system or its individual components (for example, new systems of compensation for managers and employees). We also guide our clients through implementing changes.

Program for attracting and developing young managers

Continually attracting and mentoring young leaders not only helps fill the deficit of talented managers at the mid- and executive level, but also positively impacts the employer’s image. We help our clients develop and implement processes for recruiting, selecting, training, and evaluating young managers. The program can be done by the client, with guidance from Ward Howell, or can be fully managed by the Ward Howell team.

Benchmarking / market research

By continually monitoring the market environment, we have full access to information about trends in private and public company management, means and tools of motivating executives, and compensation packages for key employees. The synthesis and analysis of this data is perpetually in demand from our corporate clients.