«Leading Top Teams» Program

In the 21st century, leadership refers to the leadership of teams. Managing top teams is a game of greater complexity due to the number of variables, the level of players, the concentration of influence, and the pressure on the leader from both outside and within.

«Leading Top Teams» is a two-day intensive leadership program which teaches participants about the best Russian and international management team practices and how to apply them successfully to address pressing issues.

When it is useful:

  • If you feel as if you are stuck working with your team;
  • If you have a new team and you want to build a successful strategy from scratch;
  • If you find yourself in a team with established relationships and centers of influence;
  • If you need to influence without having formal authority;
  • If you want to develop your ability to understand and manage small groups.

What it involves:

  • Tools, frames, and checklists for working with top teams and executives (Boards of directors, committees, etc.);
  • The Marshall Goldsmith teamwork system from a co-author of this approach and the certified lead Frank Wagner;
  • In-depth analysis of a managerial team with participant cases;
  • Individual adjustment of your working style with your team in the format of a small group coaching session with Ward Howell consultants;
  • Closing dinner;
  • Supporting post-program group session in the evening.

What you receive:


  • Program audience: CEOs, Chairs and members of Boards of directors, top managers;
  • The program includes training blocks, group discussions, and exercises and coaching in small groups;
  • Prior to the program, every participant is interviewed individually.

The dates of the next course are being discussed.

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