Leadership Expeditions

Ward Howell's leadership expeditions are field trips with the purpose of exploring the world's best business practices.

These expeditions provide an opportunity for owners and business leaders:

  • To meet top managers from world-renowned companies and learn first-hand about their experiences and best practices;
  • To establish ties and build cooperation with foreign companies and industry leaders;
  • To explore the economic and business environment in the US and China in order to open or scale up business in these countries;
  • To obtain new knowledge about best practices in their niche in order to take their business to the next level;
  • To discuss the current challenges and tasks with like-minded people, and potentially find new business partners or friends.

Corporate programs 

A company can order a reference visit to Silicon Valley or technological hubs in China for a group of executives. Our team will be deeply immersed in the specifics of your requirements and will create a unique development program for your top management.

What we include in the travel program:

  • Visits to the offices of benchmark companies whose experience is most relevant to your strategic goals, including direct dialogue with their CEOs and founders. You will be able to observe the business organization from the inside and establish connections with key stakeholders.
  • Technology workshops, training seminars, and discussion panels with international professors and leading experts in your field.
  • Business lunches and networking opportunities to create an active group dynamic during the mastering of leading business practices, thus ensuring mutual trust within the team and making its work more cohesive and efficient.

Available leadership expeditions

If you are interested in participating individually, you can join our regular leadership expeditions.

As a rule, each group consists of two dozen executives from leading Russian companies. We pay special attention to the selection of participants. 

The program lasts for 3–6 days. It is an intensive mix of activities, from getting to know the specifics of the business environment, the technological structure of the country or a specific business ecosystem, to the opportunity to establish relationships with foreign partners in order to start or scale up your business in this particular region.

Feedback from participants of Ward Howell’s expeditions:

  • "This is quality networking; not only new business contacts, but also mutually enriching communication on equal terms with colleagues from various industries and companies."
  • "In addition to a full immersion in the subject, you get a psychological reboot."
  • "On our trip, everything was thought out in the smallest detail; only useful content and accurate logistics. My client experience is ten out of ten.”

Previous expeditions

Our experience of leadership expeditions began with a trip to Silicon Valley in 2018 when we visited major technology companies, participated in training workshops with experts from Stanford University and Singularity University, and gave a master class with the world's most respected business consultants, Professors Marshall Goldsmith and Mark Thompson.

In 2019, we visited China as part of the China Leadership Expedition. Participants met with the CEOs of leading Chinese companies, discussed leadership, and studied the intricacies of the Chinese economy, new technologies, and cultural environment under the guidance of Professor Rose Luo Xiaowei from INSEAD/Tsinghua.

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