Executive compensation programs

The development and timely updating of short- and long-term management remuneration and motivation systems solves several important tasks for a company:

  • helps it attract and retain effective leaders from a variety of industries and geographies;
  • synchronizes the interests of its shareholders and top management;
  • supports its chosen strategic direction and helps to adjust it in a changing context.

We specialize in:

Project milestones

1. Formation of a request and analysis of the current situation within a company. At the beginning of each project, we discuss in detail the client's tasks or help to diagnose "problem areas" in the process of interviews with involved parties, and by studying the company's public and internal documentation.

2. Best practices research and data analysis. Together with the client, we select companies in the reference group to study the best practices of executive remuneration in Russia and globally. We receive the majority of our information directly from managers, Board members, HR directors, and trusted partners, as well as from our constantly updated database. The research can be supplemented by analysis of open information as well as additional types of data collection such as focus groups and expert surveys.

3. Development of a target remuneration system. At this stage, we use the collected information to develop or update a remuneration system that meets the strategic tasks of the client and we then provide a full report with the collected data, analytics, and calculations. If necessary, we also help the client create a package of internal documents, descriptions, and reports. For most projects, we present the results to the company's top management and Board of directors.

Ward Howell expertise

  • Our high standards of internal processes, daily contact with company executives, business owners, and Board members, as well as an updated knowledge base guarantee prompt data search, accuracy, and depth.
  • Our team consists of industrial and functional experts, which gives us a deep understanding of the context and challenges of both the industry as a whole and the specific client.
  • Ward Howell conducts its own leadership research and participates in global projects with INSEAD Business School. We are the authors of several business books and numerous scientific publications. We rely on both practical experience and accumulated academic knowledge to implement our projects.
  • We strive to ensure that our company, projects, and practices have a positive impact on the future and create long-term results for both our clients and Ward Howell.


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