Employer brand

A strong employer brand is extremely attractive and enables companies to retain their best professionals as they are motivated to work for a particular organization.

The core of the employer brand is the EVP (employer value proposition) that the company creates for different groups of employees and candidates (target audiences). The EVP allows for a clearer structure of external and internal communications, and helps to prioritize the implementation of HR management projects.

Ward Howell's approach

Creating the EVP

To develop an EVP, we analyze current and historical data for all the employees, the actual success profiles for different categories of employees, and the key factors affecting business performance. We then develop a transformation plan in the context of a new strategy and management model.

Modifying HR processes to support the EVP

To create a plan for the adaptation of HR elements, we conduct an audit of HR processes, resulting in a road map for change implementation and a set of priority projects in HR to support the EVP for every target group.

Communication and EVP implementation

In order to implement the EVP and promote the employer brand, we prepare EVP cascading programs, and training seminars for managers and HR, and we also develop a communication strategy and EVP guide based on creative concepts, slogans, and promotion plans that are formed in every channel.

Results of the project

  • Improved recruitment efficiency (an EVP that is valuable for the "right" candidates, attractively formulated and communicated through adequate channels, and thereby improving conversion).
  • Reduced staff turnover (by screening out "non-target" personnel at the inlet as well as by improving adaptation accuracy).
  • Increased involvement and productivity (through mutual matching of the expectations of the company and its employees).

Competitive advantages of our approach

  • The use of "Big Data" (internal and external) allows us to make detailed recommendations for each target audience in just a short period of time.
  • The complexity, speed, and interactivity of our approach (intermediate reports with the results of tested hypotheses and proposals) allow us to quickly influence a business result during the course of project realization, and also to make the necessary corrections and provide the required detail during the course of the work rather than later.
  • Training the company's key experts in relation to the further reform of HR management and communication processes contributes to the creation of an EVP management system during the course of the project.
  • The participation of a strong team of analysts, Russian and international experts, and benchmarking research can improve the speed of formation and the quality of recommendations.
  • Integrated project management, application of modern data analysis technologies, and solution designs allow for synchronized methodology, avoiding duplication of surveys, and saving time with regard to the coordination of different project participants by the customer.


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