Corporate Career Development Programs

We live in exciting times when large-scale transformation of the usual career models is taking place. Career development has become non-linear and intermittent, with multiple transitions and sometimes including drastic changes of vocation. These trends don’t just apply to executives as their career twists and turns often have major consequences for large organizations, businesses, and communities. This is why career counseling, a means of helping modern leaders and executives build their careers, is currently playing such an important role within many companies.

What we do:

1. Career workshops (1.5 to 4 hours):

  • "Career Development: trends, models, principles, tools" 
  • "Career Consultant Methods" 
  • "Career Coaching: An Advanced Course" 
  • "Employee enabling meetings: how to build a conversation with an employee based on 360-degree assessment" 
  • "Career based on strengths"

2. Career counseling training program. This modular training program teaches the basic skills, tools, and models of career counseling, as well as the skills of conducting career-related conversations with employees. The program is aimed at HR specialists, corporate universities, and functional managers. It is based on international best practices, and conducted in partnership with global career experts and development centers (INSEAD, Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith, etc.). The program includes a certification of career consultants.

3. Career counseling institute. This provides assistance to companies in relation to establishing and organizing an internal career consulting institute from within. It includes training, certification, and support for internal specialists, as well as advice on implementing a career consulting service.

4. Career cases supervision. Individual and group supervision sessions with the provision of ideas, tools, and recommendations on various complex cases of internal career consulting and career talks with employees. 

Our experience in career consulting

  • Building and maintaining a corporate career consulting institute and transferring technology to HR and training specialists.
  • A rich accumulated practice of cases, models, and methods of career counseling. Combining research in traditional career consulting and coaching.
  • Experience in monitoring the careers of the best Russian and international executives, and studying their specifics since 1993.
  • Collaboration and partnership with key global experts in career development.
  • Program leaders and consultants with extensive experience in consulting and coaching top managers.

Our clients

  • Senior executives.
  • Companies seeking to introduce career consulting services.
  • Companies implementing programs to develop a pool of talents and high-potential managers, striving to improve the internal transition of managers to the top positions.
  • HR specialists seeking to expand their role range and practices.

Ward Howell expertise

  • Since 1993, Ward Howell has been a leader in the Russian Executive Search market and has considerable expertise in selecting effective executives and Board members for public and private Russian companies.
  • Our consultants write books and conduct research on career and leadership, participate in joint global projects with INSEAD and other leading business schools, and organize educational and career programs for both individual clients and major Russian companies.
  • The Ward Howell team has conducted individual and group coaching sessions and career consultations for more than 4,000 senior executives and business owners.
  • Our daily contact with clients and partners from all major industries of the Russian economy allows us to be always aware of trends, best practices, and opportunities within a particular industry and function.
  • We strive to ensure that our company, projects, and practices have a positive impact on the future and create sustainable results for both our clients and Ward Howell.


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