We enable our clients to collect and analyze information that will be instrumental in their key decision-making processes. If you are getting to the nitty-gritty of problem-solving strategies used in the market today, and if a proper understanding of the situation requires more than just generalized data, then benchmarking may be the best solution. We specialize in various types of benchmarking, but strategies for motivating and remunerating top managers are still the most popular, as well as organizational structures and management models.

Which tasks require benchmarking?

  • Studying the feasibility of ideas before their implementation: when there is a need to introduce a new approach, it is useful to analyze in-depth case studies of how other companies have implemented it as well as the subsequent results. 
  • The choice of several scenarios: market research enables a comparison to be made between alternative approaches to problem-solving in order to find the most appropriate for the business case in question.
  • Rationale for a decision: there may be situations when it is difficult to maintain a steady negotiating position with various stakeholders without referring to external experiences. Independent market analysis can help with the relevant arguments.


To us, every client has a unique story. This is why we do not offer ready-made solutions but instead perform benchmarking based on the specific parameters of each business case. Relying on our experience and understanding of the client’s business, we select comparable companies, which can be correlated, and in the absence of direct analogies in the market, we offer a combined situational model capable of reflecting all the client’s specific case details. We perform both Russian and international benchmarking, collaborating with our sources from the best international business schools where appropriate. Once the approach to sampling has been approved, we collect information in a selective way using our extensive network of contacts, with the objective of resolving the client’s problem and maintaining the confidentiality of our partners who provide the information. As a rule, our final results are presented with general analytics, linking the information obtained to the client’s specific business case.  


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