Audit and Development of Сorporate governance system

Ward Howell’s Corporate Governance practice helps companies create shareholder value by building optimal systems of governing bodies.

An effective corporate governance system ensures sustainable business growth and profitability, sets rules and models for owners – management relations, creates mechanisms of risk management, and facilitates the emergence and diffusion of a professional culture.

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Formation of a corporate governance system:

  • Determination of the optimal composition and principles of interaction between corporate bodies;   
  • Implementation of a corporate governance system and involvement of key stakeholders;
  • Development of a competency matrix for Board members and identification of missing expertise;
  • Search and recruitment of independent directors;
  • Search for a Chairman of the Board.

Audit of a corporate governance system:

  • Assessment of the alignment of the goals and objectives of existing corporate governance bodies with the strategic goals of the shareholders;
  • Analysis of the effectiveness of corporate governance bodies and their structure;
  • Evaluation of the interaction between corporate governing bodies;
  • Benchmarking of corporate governance practices in the reference group of companies;
  • Assessment of motivation and compensation systems for Board members and top management;
  • Assessment of the CEO and top management succession system

Ward Howell expertise

  • Our daily communication with shareholders and top management, and members and Chairmen of the Boards of major companies allows us to be aware of the trends and best corporate governance practices in Russia and abroad.
  • Our consultants are Board members and Chairmen of Russian and international companies. They have sound knowledge of the regulatory requirements and the practical skills required for the effective functioning of the Board.
  • Consultants from our Corporate Governance practice team have conducted more than 10 global studies in partnership with INSEAD Business School, have authored scientific papers and business books on corporate governance, and have extensive academic knowledge and comprehension of the topic.
  • Ward Howell has been finding effective managers and Board members for public and private Russian companies since 1993, and we are the leading executive search firm on the Russian market.
  • We strive to ensure that our company, projects, and practices have a positive impact on the future and create sustainable results for both our clients and Ward Howell.

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