Effective Corporate Governance

In September 2014, Ward Howell held a unique event dedicated to the current state of corporate governance in Russia, gathering Board of Directors chairmen, business owners, and CEOs of large Russian companies. You can find a summary of the event as well as several insights on the subject from researchers and practitioners of corporate governance in this issue of the Talent Equity Newsletter.


Materials in the issue

corporate governance

Overview of Corporate Governance Day

This publication summarizes the program and results of Corporate Governance Day, an event jointly hosted by Ward Howell ...

board of directors

What Makes the Work of a Board of Directors Effective?

How can you make a Board of Directors an effective element of corporate governance? How should meetings be organized? Wh...

corporate governance

Interview with Alla Laletina: Corporate Governance in State Companies

Alla Laletina, Head of the corporate-legal department at the state corporation Rostec, talks about the system of corpora...

corporate governance

Interview with Kamil Kurmakaev: Corporate Governance in Startup Companies

Problems related to corporate governance are relevant not only for public companies and large private businesses, but al...