Succession in Russian Business

How does CEO succession in Russian companies take place? Who tends to replace owners and hired managers? These and other questions are answered by the seventh issue of Talent Equity Newsletter, which presents research findings from a comprehensive analysis of CEO replacement in 160 leading Russian companies.


Materials in the issue


Succession in Russian Business: Research Results

On the Russian market, the rate of CEO turnover significantly exceeds that of Western countries both in public and priva...


Cases of Succession: Story About an Outsider

In our study of succession in Russian business, we asked several professionals who had gone through the process to anony...


Cases of Succession: An Unfinished Attempt

The second interview on succession in Russian business is the story of an unsuccessful attempt to appoint an external to...


Family Business: Second Generation

One of the unexpected findings that emerged from the research on succession in Russian business was an almost complete a...


Sustainable Leadership

Ella Sytnik considers CEO succession and development systems in organizations to be a necessary condition for sustainabl...