Heavy Industry. Is There a Crisis?

What kinds of challenges do HR departments of leading manufacturing companies face? How can they create conditions conducive to higher employee productivity? How has the economic situation impacted HR budgets? What is the most important aspect of human resources today? Answers to these questions and more can be found in this special edition from Ward Howell and the Talent Equity Institute.


Materials in the issue

HR strategy

HR in Heavy Industry: an Uncertain Situation

Several questions regarding personnel management have arisen amid the complicated economic conditions currently envelopi...

HR strategy

The View of a Banker

We asked a director of a manufacturing department at a leading Russian commercial bank to, under the condition of anonym...

compensation & benefits

Compensation Systems in Times of Uncertainty

Svetlana Graiche, Ward Howell consultant, shares her views on the response of Russian companies to the recent events and...

compensation & benefits

Interview with Artem Polyakov, General Director of Neftetransservice

We spoke with Artem Polyakov, general director of NefteTransService, about some of the study results, the current situat...