Retail business in Russia today is defined by drastic changes in the sector on a global level. Such changes are to a large extent influenced by the fact that modern retail business has ceased operating in a conventional format.

Customers are growing accustomed to buying goods in the most convenient way and at the most convenient time, while also having the opportunity to compare prices, browse through available options, define the pace of shopping as well as time and method of delivery. This trend has resulted in both offline retailers creating and developing online stores and the creation of a wide range of independent online platforms. Retail chains and online players are in a state of growing competition. The sector's main trend is the pursuit of efficiency in an omni-channel paradigm.

Mobile retail spaces that allow customers to shop via various applications and services represent the next stage in the customization of client care approaches. Diversity and the availability of portable devices (smartphones, communicators and tablets) have already caused a mini-revolution in the retail market, the essence of which is the seller going to the buyer.

Innovative Loyalty Management Systems

Today, retailers are returning to the original customer service principle, an individual approach and close client communication, with the help of various loyalty systems. The use of such systems is not merely a trend, but rather an essential tool for dealing with competition. The main task of retail chains is to convert their customers’ loyalty into profit. Therefore, current trends dictate that companies should invest more in their IT infrastructure.

The ratio of store brands to other brands in Russian markets is increasing. Store brands constitute, depending on the retail segment and retailer's strategy, up to 10% of the product mix. As a rule, average store brand prices are 15-30 % lower than the average price of other brands in the same product category, which encourages growth in customer loyalty. Retailers continue to focus on developing store brands in categories where they can serve as substitutes for other brands, while making sure that sales revenues aren't affected. The category work enhancement trend will lead to an increase in companies' commercial effectiveness.

Ward Howell's Retail Business Practice has accumulated unique expertise in the search for and recruitment of executives for the following positions:

  • General Director / СЕО
  • Business Director
  • Category Director
  • E-Commerce Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Visual Merchandising and Space Planning Director
  • Creative Director / Chief Designer
  • Operational Director
  • Retail Network Director / СОО
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Director
  • Development / Construction Director
  • IT Director
  • Chief HR Officer
  • Chief Legal Officer

Our expertise also includes a strong knowledge of '-2' and '-3' level executives.