Real Estate and Construction

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the real estate and construction market in Russia has survived several periods of turmoil: spectacular growth was followed by blistering tumbles, huge corporations rose and perished, dazzling leaders came and went.

Throughout these years, the members of the Real Estate and Construction Practice have been actively involved in the industry’s development, amassing unique expertise on:

-       Selecting executives and middle managers

-       Incentive systems

-       Design choices

-       Organizational development.

We find and develop those managers that make up this market: they lead companies, manage projects, increase operating efficiency and develop the landscape in which we live.

For more than 15 years, our Real Estate and Construction Practice has built partnerships with a variety of clients:

-       The largest financial-industrial corporations

-       Federal and municipal government agencies

-       Private developers and contractors

-       Design firms

-       Management companies

We offer each of our clients unparalleled services in search (including international search), evaluation, integrating executives, and helping business owners and CEOs focus on meeting their business objectives. Our other areas of expertise include:

-       Developing residential and commercial real estate

-       Industrial construction

-       Construction of infrastructure

-       Design and architectural companies.