We build leadership capital for our clients and society

We strive to increase our clients’ capitalization and competitiveness by developing talent equity with every project and research we conduct.

We believe in a systematic and integrated approach to consulting services and provide professional assistance to our clients at every stage of the talent management cycle:




Our values

  • Client

    Listening to and being attentive to a client’s needs. We only act in the client's best interests – ethics are more important than fees. Maintaining confidentiality. Building sustainable, trust-based relationships.

  • Team

    Respecting, supporting, and inspiring one another. Communicating without barriers. Sharing the best we have and trusting each other. Instantaneous self-profit is not worth risking the success of the whole team.

  • Professionalism

    Being uncompromisingly demanding of ourselves. Working fairly and sparing no effort. Reviewing the effectiveness of every step. Adhering to high standards of quality. Striving for professional perfection.

  • Knowledge

    Learning at every opportunity. Thinking critically and independently. Being aware of the best practices, their authors, and carriers. Being inquisitive when seeking solutions, creating new knowledge.

  • Leadership

    Striving to develop and grow talent equity in every project we deliver. Learning and developing with the market, society, and our clients. Achieving a sustainable impact.


Ward Howell book

"One cool November day in 1951, a man standing six and a half feet tall was observed in New York City's Grand Central Station, jammed into a public telephone booth. When he finally emerged after almost an hour, he was clearly happy. Wardwell Howell had just completed a successful man hunt." This is how our book "Ward Howell International. The Golden Years" begins, describing the history of one of the oldest executive search companies using letters and notes written by its founder.

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Our consultants are experienced professionals with extensive industry expertise and thorough understanding of the best leadership practices. This enables Ward Howell to help public and private companies transform and achieve sustainable growth.

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