Introduction to the First Issue: The Talent Equity Institute

As part of Ward Howell’s commitment to use rigorous research to guide our work with clients, I am pleased to announce the launch of the Talent Equity Institute (TEI). TEI is the applied research and development arm of the Ward Howell group.

It will conduct applied research to develop conceptual models and consulting and management tools specifically for the transforming economy contexts where we operate. Surveys will be regularly conducted to provide benchmarking possibilities in the area of talent equity to companies operating in the transformational contexts of Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, and Southern and Eastern Europe. TEI will also scan the world for best practices which can be utilized in our work and will facilitate their use inside of the Ward Howell Group. Our ambition is to create a world class applied research and development center to serve Ward Howell clients better by developing insights about the most critical resource of the XXI century ― human talent. TEI will initially focus on strengthening Ward Howell’s abilities to assist our clients in talent development (including consulting, training, and coaching using proprietary tools and techniques) and understanding what leadership practices, organizational practices, tools, and systems are most effective and efficient in the world of emerging economies.

Among other activities, TEI will periodically produce a newsletter to share some of our ideas  about talent equity with Ward Howell clients and network. This first issue deals with a topic that is facing everyone in today’s world ― economic crisis. We will present four views on how to effectively respond to the current crisis from a talent equity perspective: an article by Ward Howell Senior Partner and INSEAD professor Stanislav Shekshnia on how to lead in times of crisis, an article by our affiliated partner and INSEAD professor Ilya Tsetlin on decision making in times of crisis, an article by our affiliated partner and Wharton professor Valery Yakubovich on the role of social networks in times of crisis, and an article I wrote on how to motivate in times of crisis. We hope you will find this issue to be of interest.

We are always open to collaboration with people and organizations interested in talent equity issues. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have ideas of how we can be of help to you or how you can help us to make our services and products more useful. We look forward to sharing an exciting journey into better understanding how to make the best use of talent that you and your organizations already have.

Carl Fey

Carl Fey acted as the Director of Ward Howell Talent Equity Institute in 2008-2009.

This introduction was published as part of the first issue of Talent Equity Newsletter "Leadership and Crisis".

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