Executive search

A focus on finding and developing leaders as well as building effective managing teams will guarantee success in any field. It starts with identifying objectives and finding the right people.

We start all of our projects with an understanding of the client’s strategic vision and unique situation, as well as the internal culture of the organization, and then identify the specific skills and leadership qualities necessary to reach their goals. The ability to focus on these key elements helps us manage high-quality, advanced projects.

The best team for each client

We assemble teams that combine the necessary industry experience, functional area knowledge, and regional expertise for each project. Each team consists of accomplished professionals with years of experience. An extensive network of contacts, the capability to hear reliable and relevant experience from companies and people, and the ability to hold an open dialogue with senior executives makes it possible for us to find the best candidates for our clients.

Evaluation and choice of candidates

We evaluate candidates based on the client’s required professional and managerial skills in addition to comparing them with the best functional area and industry managers. We provide our clients with complete and reliable information at every stage of the search, giving them the ability to make informed decisions. Each project is scrupulously managed, guaranteeing transparent interactions between the client and candidates while confidentially and carefully handling information.

We ensure earlier integration of new managers into the corporate environment. We also consult with companies on motivation and compensation strategies for top management, including long-term incentive plans and stock-option programs.

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