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Corporate Governance

For Ward Howell, corporate governance is defined as a system of managerial bodies and their collaboration, the effective functioning of which serves two fundamental purposes:

  • Maximizing shareholder value
  • Maximizing benefits for all parties

In the current economic climate, individual and institutional shareholders are focused on maintaining a business’s strength, increasing its value and raising productivity across all levels.

A working model of corporate governance and an effective board of directors are the driving forces for achieving these objectives.

An effective system of corporate governance:

  • Helps ensure sustainable growth and profitability for the business
  • Specifies rules and guidelines for behavior
  • Creates effective risk management systems
  • Promotes the creation and dissemination of a professional culture

Within our projects, we assess and design effective systems of corporate governance through the following services:

  • Individual development for business owners
  • Regular evaluation of the effectiveness of corporate governance bodies, including boards of directors
  • Individual and group coaching for board of directors members
  • Establishment of a board of directors,  the search for its independent members and the development of systems for members’ remuneration
  • Succession planning (the effective transfer of managerial responsibility to the next generation)

Ward Howell holds educational events for company owners and key executives to disseminate best practices in corporate and family governance. 

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