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Oil & Gas

Today, the oil and gas sector is in the process of consolidation. State ownership prevails, and the “oligopolization” of the oil and gas market continues. As a result, the need for competition and leadership-oriented executives is decreasing, while managers’ dependence on state priorities is growing. Oil and gas companies are producing a new kind of senior executive, characterized by an ability to play the game in unison with state structures and fit into the command-and-control management style.

At the same time, the industry is experiencing a severe shortage of leaders who have the necessary technological competencies for mature field exploitation, exploration of new oil-and-gas-bearing areas, development of shale oil and gas reserves, and the implementation of more efficient methods of hydrocarbon processing. Additionally, growing competition among global oil and gas outlets implies recruiting managers with international experience, who are in short supply. It’s not easy to find strong leaders who are able to cope with the ever-growing complexity of our customers’ tasks, but we have a professional approach which utilizes modern search, evaluation, and recruitment methods.