We build leadership capital
for our clients and society



We build leadership capital for our clients and society.


Knowledge. Learning at every opportunity. Thinking critically and independently. Being aware of the best practices, their authors and carriers. Being inquisitive when seeking solutions, creating new knowledge.

Professionalism. Being uncompromisingly demanding of ourselves. Working fairly and sparing no effort. Reviewing the effectiveness of each step. Adhering to high standards of quality. Striving for professional perfection.

Team. Respecting, supporting and inspiring one another. Communicating without barriers. Sharing the best we have and trusting one another. Instantaneous self-profit is not worth the victory of the whole team.

Success. Exploring the components of success, and being persistent on the way to achieving it. Being successful and working to make others successful as well. Desire for success in the future is more important then past victories.

Client. Listening to and hearing the client. Acting only in the client's best interest – ethics are more important than fees. Maintaining confidentiality. Building long-term, trust-based relationships. Winning together. 


We aspire to lead and to contribute to the development of human resource management industry in all regions where we operate.

We learn and evolve together with the market, society and our clients.

Strategic Vision

We operate in developing markets and in the fast-changing environment. We must learn and adjust alongside them.

We use the best practices in order to help our clients cultivate their unique culture and build their leadership capital as a source of competitive ability and market capitalization.

We are cultivating an integrated approach to providing consulting services. We search for and develop leadership talent as well as help our clients build leadership development systems and processes or adapt them to various phases of the firm’s development. This is the essence of our "Talent Equity" approach.

We operate as a matrix of industrial, functional, and service practices.

We create our unique competitive advantage by investing in the professional and personal development of our team, effective teamwork, and operational excellence.

We're excited to work with leadership talent, creating added value for our clients.