We build leadership capital
for our clients and society

About Us

We are an Executive Search and Leadership Development Consulting Company

In today’s world, people are the source of an organization’s greatest long-term competitive advantage. The success of strategic processes and systems depends solely on people. Companies in any industry have opportunities for growth and long-term sustainable development to the extent that their people are able to adapt, rise to challenges, invent and try new things, and to the degree that they are engaged in and dedicated to their work.

The ability to unite, engage, and direct people, rallying them around one goal, is what we call leadership. Talented leaders are key assets that can greatly add to an organization’s long-term leading position. 


Our Value Proposition:

Team. Our consultants are well-seasoned professionals who are able to communicate on an executive level and comprehensively assess what is needed for the task at hand. Our team combines industry expertise and insight into complex HR solutions.

Quality. Guaranteed quality at every stage of a project is a key principle of our work.

In-house research center (Talent Equity Institute). We are constantly researching and creating innovative models and tools for working with leadership capital. The Talent Equity Institute, an internal research and development center, was founded at Ward Howell in 2008. We collaborate closely with colleagues from all over the world, which allows us to create effective integrated solutions.