We build leadership capital
for our clients and society

Students and Recent Graduates

Every year Ward Howell invites the brightest, smartest, and most inquisitive students and graduates of top universities to participate in our Talent Equity School, a 2-month internship with the possibility of permanent employment with Ward Howell. Talent Equity School is your opportunity to launch your career in the most captivating and dynamic consulting field: Talent Equity Consulting.

  • What would Apple be like without Steve Jobs?

  • What would NLMK be like without Vladimir Lisin?

  • A company is shaped by its leaders

  • More than 50 years ago, McKinsey’s consultants concluded that a company’s success depends on neither a smart strategy nor financial resources, but rather on the people who are able to create a vision, manage the available resources, and inspire their team

  • We help our clients cultivate their unique culture and build their leadership capital as a source of competitive ability and market capitalization

  • We search for and develop leadership talent, help our clients build leadership development systems and processes, and adapt those systems and processes to various phases of the firm’s development

  • Every year we select a team of students and recent graduates to complete an internship at our firm

  About Talent Equity School

Talent Equity School participants complete a professional skills course and participate in actual projects being conducted by the Executive Search and Leadership Consulting departments. During the internship, their work is supervised by a senior colleague, who provides on-the-job support, training, and coaching.

Program duration: 2 months (3.07 - 31.08.2017). At the end of the internship, we will invite the top performers to join our team of professionals.

  Why choose Ward Howell?

Build a foundation for further professional development

Build a foundation for further professional development

We set the bar high for ourselves because we value our good name and our clients’ trust. We learn at every opportunity and strive for professional perfection. We take the professional development of our junior staff seriously and teach them the skills that will serve as the foundation for their further professional development.

Develop a broad outlook on business

Develop a broad outlook on business

We work with companies from a number of industries and execute a variety of versatile projects. Our employees have a unique opportunity to both understand how business works in general and to develop a broad knowledge of multiple industries.

Contribute to building leadership capital for our clients and society

Contribute to building leadership capital for our clients and society

We advise business owners and leaders of large companies and governmental organizations in Russia and the CIS on issues of attraction, assessment, and development of leadership talent. Using our expertise, we are able to influence the situation in a particular industry as well as the country as a whole by building leadership capital for our clients and society.

Be part of a team of bright professionals

Be part of a team of bright professionals

Our employees are professional, bright, inquisitive, and creative individuals who love their profession and strive to make every day eventful and exciting.

How to apply


Send your CV
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What we expect from you:

  • You are a student in your last or second to the last year of university (working towards obtaining a Specialist’s, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree);
  • If you plan to continue education, you are able to work part-time (minimum 20 hours per week);
  • You are among the top students of your class in terms of academic performance;
  • You speak fluent English;
  • You are interested in a career in business and you are committed to work intensively;
  • You are a citizen of the Russian Federation or Belarus (internship locations – Moscow or St.Petersburg), Ukraine (internship location – Kiev), Kazakhstan (internship location – Almaty).

What you should expect

  • Business Intelligence Test;
  • Assessment center;
  • Interviews with Ward Howell employees.

Candidates will be eliminated from the competition at each stage, and only the most knowledgeable and committed will become finalists.